Services  Overview

Design & Branding Services

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo & Identity Design, Brand Manuals, Brand Guidelines, Brand Marketing, Brand Communications , Copywriting

Branding and marketing a company is a complex process that involves an understanding of strategy, creativity and consumers. Karhu brings our diverse design expertise to branding, working across a wide variety of sectors. We utilise striking design, streamlined processes and carefully tailored solutions to ensure your customers have a rewarding brand journey.

Publications & Content Marketing Services

Magazines & Newspapers, Custom Publications, Content Marketing, Annual Reports, Editorial design, Copyediting / proofing, Corporate Publishing, Editing & Writing

Our work unites the worlds of print and digital through compelling content – from luxury newsprint magazines and corporate publications to brochures, annual reports and more, every carefully crafted print creation has an equally striking digital counterpart. Our signature large format custom publications bring consumer magazine content and exemplary print processes to corporate publications.

Web Design / Digital Services

Mobile Design, Responsive Design, UX/UI Design, Social Media & Digital Content, Website Design, Digital Strategy, Wordpress, Social Media Management 

At Karhu, digital and branding goes hand in hand. As a digitial agency, we create simple and intelligent websites to support brands, utilising sophisticated creative and copywriting to deliver striking, yet usable websites. Our talented design team brings their incredible aesthetic acumen to the digital realm, with a deep understanding of how to create a strong online presence.

More Services

Art Direction, Photography, Ecommerce, Video Production, Packaging Design, Advertising, Content Management, Communications

Karhu embraces every kind of media, ensuring that our clients are never held back from thinking outside the box. Through our stable of suppliers and friends, we offer diverse services, such as video production and television, radio, mobile app development, social media strategies and management, corporate gifting and more.

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