Become a Karhu Supplier  

Earn an income with Karhu: If you are an artist, designer or craftsman and would like to break into the market place, we can assist you with your dream.


Our suppliers all share a common goal of providing our customers with products that are handmade, designed or crafted products that is of the highest quality! Promote your brand and in doing so you are promoting other artists, designer and craftsmen. The ultimate goal is to create a community that embraces the arts, and celebrates the differences in the artists.

How do you sell online?

Over the years’ direct sales have evolved from the traditional shows, exhibitions or popup and flea markets to most recently online. As a Karhu supplier you will earn what your work is worth not having to compromise on quality to get the sale. Karhu not only sells your work online at our website but also through social media. We have a team that does marketing and advertising for the site and can provide you with material to help spread the word (product)

Full or Part Time

We target a niche market of people who are looking to own unique, exclusive, handcrafted or design items. The website will works follow: we hosting the online store that has your product, either a collection of products, limited edition, one of a kind, or continued product ranges. In doing so, we give up-and-coming brands the opportunity to build on their inventory, not needing to have a lot of products in order to sell, or not wanting to stagnate, the brand gets to create different products that isn’t confined to a specific guideline.


Products: We List your products for sale through our website. You set the prices for your products and the quantity you want to sell (Limited Edition, One of a kind, Collection).


Inventory: We Print and apply Karhu shipping labels to your products. Send your products to Karhu’s head office ready for shipping. Alternatively, you can keep your items in your own warehouse and only send once you have made a sale, becoming a collection point. Karhu will send updates to manage your inventory.


Getting Paid: One you have provided Karhu with your bank account details, we will pay your available funds to you on a bi-weekly basis.


Your Product  - R200 (including labour, & product packaging)

Online Price   - R230 (15% Markup)

You Get           - R200


Display Your Products: Karhu displays your offers on Product Pages, Search, Browse and Social Media. Essentially becoming your online Storefront.


Process Your Orders: Customers can add your products to the shopping cart. Karhu makes all of its payment options available for your products. (PayPal, Credit & Debit)


Customer Service: Karhu handles all order related customer contacts, and handles returns on your behalf.